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Had a great time putting this video together for Downtown TC! Big thanks to TART Trails, Sweet Pea, National Cherry Festival, McMillen's Custom Framing, The Cheese Lady Traverse City, The Workshop Brewing Company, Traverse City Film Festival, Morsels, Cherry Republic, MI Happy Place &Tee See Tee, Marsha Smith & Rotary Charities of Traverse City, Michigan Artists Gallery, Amical, Alliance , State Theatre and Bijou by the Bay, Leah Bagdon McCallum, Painting with a Twist, My Secret Stash and Traverse City Tourism. Plus-- SUPER HUGE AND GINORMOUS thanks to Nicholas Viox for letting us be a part of his ridiculously cool idea.  By the way — after hearing this song in its entirety during the filming nearly 20 times, the answer is, “No, I am still not sick of this song!”

From this year's Rotary Club of Traverse City Show:

In Northern Michigan, it can often be difficult to find that special place to call home.  In this episode, we follow two different families looking for two very different sorts of houses.   

From Here:Say Storytelling's January 2019 show ("Moonlighting"), I discuss my time as a photographer at Sears Portrait Studio in both Tennessee and Michigan.

After 37 years in business serving the Grand Traverse area quality, Mexican lunches and dinners, Taco House has closed its doors and said it's farewells.  But we couldn't let them leave without them knowing how we truly feel.

It was an honor to perform at this year's Dirty Laundry Monologues, a fundraiser for HELPLINK's Laundry Project, providing the opportunity for everyone the dignity of clean clothes. The story I told was about a bizarre experience of dual-mistaken identity, and what I truly learned in the aftermath. If you're interested in getting involved with the Laundry Project, head over to today!

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