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Getting the chance to visit the Mediterranean was a dream come true, and one of my favorite days of the trip was at Argonaftis Donkey Farm in Kelokedara, Cyprus. We were greeted with delicious food and drink, made bread, rode donkeys to an old monastery, were given a feast of a lunch, and, of course...danced! You can see why we all agreed that this was the "best day ever!"

So, this trip came about because I was asked by the National Fire Protection Association to give a talk at one of their conferences about how fire departments across the country can better work with their local media. It was a true honor to get this opportunity, and I’m very grateful not only for the chance to give my presentation, but to meet all the wonderful NFPA people. Plus, we got to have a little Parents Night and ate at Mon Ami Gabi on the Strip — DELICIOUS!

Listen…the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas is so much fun, but it’s also great to sneak out of all that activity to get a better sense of where you are. The beauty of the desert is the polar opposite of the Northern Michigan landscape, but still captivating. We visited the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area — both amazing sights that video could never truly capture…but here’s our best attempt :)

We've all seen creatures of the sea in movies and TV shows, but to experience them up close like this was UN.REAL. The Shark Reef Aquarium is located in the Mandalay Bay casino and hotel, just one of the many unique attractions Las Vegas has to offer (You'd be forgiven for not immediately thinking you'd be going to an aquarium when heading to the desert).

It's so good to be back, but, boy, did we have fun on our vacation! Visiting Las Vegas for the first time was exciting, and we barely scratched the surface of everything there was to do. In this episode we search "The Strip," play at the Adventuredome indoor theme park and see the Tournament of Kings medieval dinner show!

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