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A fantastic day in Thompsonville! We started with a hike at the Michigan Legacy Art Park, following by food and drinks at Iron Fish Distillery! If you're looking for a way to spend a day...I'd seriously considering recreating this!

What an unbelievable meal at such an unbelievable place! I headed up to Torch Lake Café with my friend Jen for one of the best dinners I've ever had. But it was more than the food--it was the entire experience.

It was so much fun to attend one of the very special Farm2Fork dinners at Treetops Resort in Gaylord! Taken away to the woods on a shuttle, we all gathered around a big table in a beautiful cabin to enjoy a delicious four-course meal, with each plate perfectly paired to a Bell's Brewery beer. 

Since 1958, Don’s Drive In has been serving up great burgers, fries, shakes…and nostalgia! This has always been one of my favorite stops in Northern Michigan -- come see why!

Listen. I love bacon because, well, obviously. And I love Benzie Area Christian Neighbors (BACN), because they do great stuff for my home area. And when I got the chance to attend their BACN Bacon Cook-Off recently, I had the chance to support BOTH! 13 area restaurants brought their best bacon offerings, and I would highly encourage you visit each and every one of them, along with finding out more about Benzie Area Christian Neighbors and how you can help them help others.

You’ll feel like you’ve taken a trip back almost 100 years when you step into 123 Speakeasy, one of the most unique establishments you’ll come across.  You don’t have to be a flapper or a bootlegger to get into the spirit….but it doesn’t hurt!

When the Northwestern Michigan Fair arrives, you'd better believe I'm there! My friend Meranda and I headed back to the fairgrounds, along with the Fair's own Jilian Noel, to scope out some of the fantastic food offerings -- Tot's N Tot's of Burgers, Louie's Meats, Gibby's Fries, Steve's Smokin' BBQ, and E&J Fun Foods -- along with our annual Clean Corn Challenge, where the loser had to visit Colortime Entertainment's Temporary Airbrushed Tattoos for ink chosen by the winner!

Is there anything more delicious than ice cream on a hot summer’s day?  Only ice cream from Dairy King, the iconic Beulah meeting place for friends and families all over the area.  I brought my hilarious niece Jasmine along for the fun, and we not only got to eat to our hearts’ content, but got a peak behind-the-scenes from co-owner Jimmy Frederick, too!

Taco 'Bout It Mexican Fusion is a delicious thrill-ride that recently moved from a food truck-only venue to a brick and mortar on River Street in Manistee, and their food is LEGIT.

What a delight to partake in a true "locals experience" -- the weekend dinners at Black Star Farms! The intimate experience at the beautiful Inn is only surpassed by the incredible food!

What an incredible experience!  I had the opportunity to participate in a Macaron making class at That French Place in Charlevoix.  Macarons are those incredible delicious French cookies that I am now obsessed with not only creating…but eating!  

So, I am NOT a cake decorator by any means, but I decided to play one on TV today with the help of Rachelle Crum and her daughter Gabriella of Crum Cakes! My love for Netflix's "Nailed It!" inspired me to want to try to decorate my own birthday cake...see how Gabriella and I did!

This was so much fun! I had the pleasure of participating in the “Skiable Feast” at Treetops Resort in Gaylord! Five different stops with five incredible meals, all enjoyed in the beauty of a Northern Michigan winter. You have the option of either choosing snow shoes or cross country skis, but however you do it, you’ve got to put this on your list of unique culinary getaways!

So, once a year, The Soup Cup makes their INCREDIBLE Lobster Bisque, and there are lines OUT THE DOOR because of how incredible this soup is.  Join me as I make my trek for this sweet nectar, encounter disappointment, and then experience a true Thanksgiving Miracle (more delicious than Christmas Miracles).

Oh my goodness, this was so much fun. Our friend Taylor Simpson from Aurora Cellars worked with her staff to provide the perfect wine pairings for my favorite cold weather comfort: junk food! Come hang out with my friends and me in our favorite comfy pajamas as we discover an entirely new way to look at wine!

One of my favorite food is a delicious chicken wing.  But, with so many to choose from here in Northern Michigan… where do you even begin?  DON’T WORRY.  Joined by Beth Milligan and our friend Ted, we explored the wide variety of delicious wings the Grand Traverse area has to offer.  Thank you to Peegeo’s Food & Spirits, La Señorita, Buffalo Wild Wings, The Good Bowl and Brady’s.  This was one for the record books, folks.

While I love going to a wonderful restaurant and being served a delicious meal, sometimes I want to see the other side of things — which is why I brought my mom and sister with me for a very special trip out on Grand Traverse Bay to catch our dinner ourselves!  Captain Bob Hinds from Central Coast Angling showed us an incredible afternoon on the water — and helped us get ourselves a very tasty dinner!

A very special combo-edition of the Foodie Scene, I was joined by my good friends Garrett and Meredith for an evening at one of our favorite restaurants, FireFly Kitchen & Bar, and were given a very special ride there by Bay Front Pedicab — and both were spectacular!

On Foodie Scene TV, I’m usually enjoying the cuisine of others — but on this very special episode, I’m getting in on the fun! At a stop in Naples, Italy, I got the opportunity to make my own pizza — and it wasn’t half bad, if I do say so myself! Join me at La Piazzetta in dear old Napoli to see how I did!

Work days get busy, and it can be difficult to feed yourself a proper lunch when you’re feeling chained to your desk. Thankfully, Fustini’s Oils and Vinegars — already fantastic — have their new Fresh Take Goodness To Go! Join my co-host Nick Viox and me as we check it out!

On my honeymoon I discovered downtown Charlevoix’s That French Place, and their insanely delicious crepes — and every time I’m in the area I know exactly where I’m going to eat! Come see why!

Seriously, is there any comfort food better than fair food? On this episode, my friend Meranda joins me to tackle the biggest spread we've ever seen, as well as work off some of those calories by participating in my favorite Northwestern Michigan Fair activity: the GOAT RUN! Also: you get a front row seat to an EPIC Clean Corn Competition!

Sorellina has long been one of my favorite restaurants in town, so I was obviously excited to check out their new location on Front Street in Traverse City — but with their new adjacent steakhouse, Slate, they’ve solidified their position as a not-to-miss culinary destination!

As Chef Eric Nittolo said to us during our incredible meal...put on your seat belts! The Restaurant at LochenHeath Golf Club is an incredible experience -- not just for their reimagined takes on cuisine but also the breathtaking views while you dine. A must-visit!

So much fun to talk with Taylor Simpson from Good Harbor, a beautiful vineyard and tasting room in Leelanau County. I learned a lot about what what grows well here in Northern Michigan, the difference between "fruity" and "sweet" wines, and the unique approach Good Harbor takes to making people trying new blends feel right at home.

On this Foodie Scene TV, we stop into Traverse Bay Cafe, located on Munson Avenue in Traverse City!

On this episode of Foodie Scene TV, we visit Sauce at Incredible Mo''s great food and great fun for the entire family!

It's our debut episode of Foodie Scene TV! Today we feature Traverse City's S2S Sugar 2 Salt, one of my favorite brunch look at this and you'll see why!

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